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Dr. Gonzalez works at Farmingdale State College, School of Engineering Technology, Department of Aviation. He enjoy teaching and interacting with students, faculty, and staff and teaches Professional Pilot, Aviation Administration and Ethics Courses. He enjoy research and mentoring student's research.

Dr. Gonzalez has presented research papers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Colombia. He published research papers in international journals and peer reviewed conference proceedings. His mentoring program at Farmingdale State College has lead undergraduate students to present at domestic and international conferences and publish research in peer reviewed scholarly journal.

His priorities: Students, Colleagues and the Institution. He has a passion for teaching Applied Professional Ethics and Decision Making in the field of Aviation using Innovation, Collective Intelligence, and Conceptual Rational Theory.
Dr. Ramón-Osvaldo González
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Dr. Ramón-Osvaldo González
Long Island, N.Y. (U.S.A)
A problem in its self is not inherently critical, not having the ability to solve it can have catastrophic outcom.
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